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Additional Services


When formulating a tax saving plan, clients can acquire answers to the following questions: 

What are the tax implications of different investments' types?
How can I take advantage of tax-advantaged accounts and pension plans?
Can you refer me to a professional for a specific tax question or yearly tax return preparation?

Money Transfer 

Throughout this process, clients can gather insights into the following queries: 

What are the best legal ways to transfer money between the USA and Ukraine? Or EU and Ukraine?
What are the best methods and platforms to make money transfers, considering factors such as speed, cost, security, convenience, and exchange rates?
How can I understand taxation and compliance risk when making money transfers across different countries?

(Investing Decisions)

Behavior coaching is the process of helping clients overcome their emotional and cognitive biases that may interfere with their investing decisions. 
Behavior coaching can help clients stick to their long-term financial plan, avoid costly mistakes, and achieve better outcomes. 
Clients rarely ask for those types of things :)

Estate Planning

As part of an estate planning, we help to our client understand his/ her points like:

How can you help my family with my assets if I pass away?
Do I need a will or a trust, or both? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
Can you refer me to a professional to prepare estate plan and align it with my financial and life goals? 

by Doing 

The Wealth Gardens team empowers you with enhanced money management skills, enabling you to achieve full self-sufficiency. You have the flexibility to leave us at any time, as all assets are registered in your name or that of your family members.

Additionally, you can benefit from shared insights within our exclusive LinkedIn community, learning from the experiences of other clients.

Short Term 

In the course of cash flow managing, clients can find solutions to the following queries: 

What are the action steps this year according to my financial plan?
What are the best methods (apps) to analyse my income and expenses?
Can I afford to buy a ... (your choice)  in 1/ 3/ 5 years?
How can I use my cash to achieve my short term goals, such as vacation, a car, or a home improvement?

Health &

Health and insurance are vital components of financial planning, as they can help clients protect themselves and their families from unexpected medical expenses, accidents, or disasters.
Wealth Gardens' finance consultants prioritise clients' well-being. 
We refer you to our trusted partners for selection of health and insurance plans.  We also help you to invest your mental and physical health. 

Money & Happiness

"Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver."

When formulating a life plan, it is so important to understand:  
How can I balance my present and future needs and wants? 
How can I cultivate gratitude, generosity, and contentment with what I have? 
How can I enjoy the journey and not just the destination of my financial goals?

Measure the impact of your financial decisions on happiness, and engage in charity to make a positive difference in the world.

Services for Businesses 

Wealth Gardens focus is Personal Finance.  However Lyubomyr does have 20+ experience in corporate finance.  He worked in Big4 as auditor and consultant. He had been a CFO for 7 years. He served as board member and M&A advisor to several well known Ukrainian tech companies. 

ONLY IF you personally know Lyubomyr from his years in corporate finance, he may consider helping you with your business finances. 

Usually those services are: 

  • Management accounting for US company

  • Best practices of financial department

  • Financial processes as back office support function

  • Key performance indicators setup and regular review

  • Financial planning, cash management and budgeting  

  • Business investment decisions and tools

  • Exit preparation from owner's perspective

  • XERO integrations and reports

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